What Is EFT (Tapping) And How Can It Help With Conquering Cravings?

Nothing is more frustrating than a craving that just won't go away when you're trying to eat well or lose weight. They feel like they come out of nowhere, take over everything and have some weird power over you that you can't explain. I remember the late night trips in my pyjamas to the 24hr supermarket for chocolate, or the diversions way off my route home to stop and buy something sweet and even the times I took food back out of the bin that I'd put in there to make myself stop eating it. (yep that happened on a few occasions)

When you're feeling that urge to eat, even though you're not really hungry and you know you'll regret it after, it feels like there's nothing that could stop it, the feeling can be so strong and before you know it you've given in. I can't recall many times I managed to over power a craving before I learned tools of how to deal with them properly. It was a daily battle for me with food but once I learned the way to release the cravings, it changed everything! Learning how to use EFT was a game changer for me, it meant I could conquer a craving whenever I needed to and it also meant I understood the real drivers behind my desire to eat.

EFT is a tool that uses certain points on your body, linked to meridian lines that help you release emotion so you can change how you feel and change your actions. It's a really powerful and easy to use tool for stopping emotional eating and cravings.

So What Is A Craving?

It's important to understand what a craving is so you understand how to stop it. I used to think a craving was just me wanting food and not being able to think about anything else until I got the said food, I really thought I had a problem with food. But once I started to learn more about my emotions, habits and mindset I realised that a craving is not really about food, it's a surge in your body that's triggered by an emotion, a belief system, a habit or past conditioning. Some of that might not make much sense right now but basically what I want you to know is YOU DO NOT HAVE A FOOD PROBLEM. What you have are emotions, habits and ways of thinking that are not working for you and causing you to use food to make you feel a certain way. This will never be resolved by tracking your food and spending hours on the treadmill. It goes deeper than this.

A Craving Is NOT A Physical Urge For Food (hunger) It's An Emotional Or Mental Signal That Makes You Think You Need To Eat. Physical Hunger Builds Over Time. Emotional Hunger Happens Suddenly.

There's a lot going on in your mind and body before the point of you realising you're craving something. For example,  you may (without realising because you have thousands of thoughts a day) have been thinking about an emotional past experience or the stress of work or the kids, or your massive to do list, or the break up you just went through. These thoughts trigger all sorts of emotions, these emotions make you feel something that you don't want to be feeling right now, so your mind searches for a quick solution or distraction or something that will make you feel better.... cue food. 

Your brain fires off signals to 'EAT' because this has made you feel better before so lets do it again. And this thought process has become a habit and happens so easily now. This is a craving. All these little steps are leading to you wanting to eat. But again, food is NOT the problem here, it's the symptom, it's the coping mechanism. 

If you start to pay attention to WHY you want to eat, what emotions you're feeling, what you're trying to get from the food and then you work on this, you will make huge progress with your eating habits. For example if it's the stress of work making you want to eat, then it's the stress that needs to be worked on. Remove the stress = no need to eat emotionally. Make sense?

EFT (Tapping) is a powerful tool that will intercept and break down the emotional drivers behind your cravings, it will release the emotion, break down the habit and can be used to create and install new habits and ways of being around food too. It's an incredible tool for conquering cravings.

I have combined EFT (Tapping) with my Mind Over Muffin Inner Child Healing Process to go even deeper and ensure you conquer cravings once and for all. This is a REALLY powerful and transformative training that guides you step by step through learning the process, applying the process and being able to use it way into the future if you ever need it again.

You can get instant access to my whole 'Conquer Cravings Fast' Training by clicking below.

What Will You Learn?

How To Use EFT (Tapping)

I will teach you the steps of EFT (Tapping) and the basic principles so you understand how and why it works so effectively.

How To Identify A Craving 

You will be able to catch your cravings fast and release them before eating. You will understand what's really happening in your mind and emotions.

Your REAL Craving Triggers

You will uncover the real reasons you want to eat emotionally and how to stop it.

Heal The Younger You Around Food

My inner child healing process so you can heal the younger version of you around food too. This makes the healing go even deeper.

To Conquer Cravings Fast

Get ready to wave goodbye to cravings once and for all. This process will teach you how to take full control over your cravings.

Conquer Cravings FAST!

Diets Will Never Heal An Emotional Relationship With Food, This Can Only Be Resolved From Within.

In just 3 months I've lost 15lbs (7kgs) and still going strong. I'm loving my body, feeling good about myself and no longer determined by my weight.

Before working with Leanne I had struggled with my weight my whole life. I tried every diet imaginable but nothing worked long term. Leanne has essentially transformed my life, in just 3 months I have lost 15lbs (nearly 7kgs) and still going strong. Im working out 5 plus times per week whereas before I had to drag myself onto the treadmill. I’m loving my body, feeling good about myself and am no longer determined by my weight. This has given me key to being comfortable in my own skin!

Kristie. USA.

Why Is This Different?

Using EFT (Tapping) to conquer cravings and to heal your relationship with food and body might seem a strange approach when you're so used to following diets and exercise plans. You've been programmed (by the diet and weight loss industry) to think that in order to lose weight or improve your eating habits you must DO something EXTERNAL and physical. But the way to achieve long term results, one that will heal this issue from the root and allow you to transform your eating habits for good is by addressing your mindset, emotions, energy and habits around food and this all comes from within.

The Mind Over Muffin Method is all about healing your relationship with food from the inside out and discovering WHY you have the current food habits you do. We look at what emotions are driving these habits, what past experiences have shaped your 'food and body story' that are allowing the problems to keep playing out today and why your body is holding on to excess weight. We know that there is more than just the Physical Element (food and moving your body) that needs addressing but in fact the Emotional and Spiritual Elements need to be worked on too. If you can work with all three Elements in harmony you will find total food and body freedom.

EFT is such a powerful tool and an amazing place to start with doing the inner work to heal your relationship with food, stop over eating and take back control. 

Using EFT Will Help You To Stop Emotional Eating, Conquer Cravings And Even Lose Weight Naturally (Diet Free).

Get Instant Access To My EFT Training Below.

So What's Included?

5 Module Training 

This is a 5 Module course to teach you everything you need to know on how to stop cravings FAST. Each module contains an easy to watch video so you can understand how Tapping works as well as follow along with the process. There are workbooks and guides to help you learn the steps and to identify your cravings.

EFT Tutorial & Guide

Learn the principles of EFT, understand the tapping points and how and why it works. Follow along with the video and written guide so you can learn the process and use it by yourself.

Inner Child Healing Process

Discover where your eating habits began and heal the younger you at that point in time so you can truly heal your relationship with food and move forwards. Combine this with EFT for a deeply transformative process.

Conquer Cravings

A training designed to teach you exactly how to use these tools to conquer cravings once and for all. You will learn how to identify the real reasons WHY you want to eat and most importantly how to break that habit.

BONUS: Install New Habits Training

A bonus training teaching you how to use EFT to install new, positive habits and ways of being around food. Whatever your future goal is with food, you can rewire your mind and habits to start creating this reality now.

My Portion Size Has Decreased Dramatically. If I'm Hungry I'll Eat, If I'm Full I'll Stop. It's Nice To Feel In Control.

I used to have very little belief in myself and was in a toxic relationship that I couldn’t bring myself to leave, I’d tried all the weight loss systems and never stuck to anything. From working with Mind Over Muffin, I found the courage and strength to leave that relationship and put myself first and now know I deserve to be happy. I’m also calmer, more present and believe in myself. In terms of food, my portion size has dramatically decreased. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat and when I’m full I’ll stop. 

Michelle. New Zealand.


Hey, I'm Leanne

An Emotional Eating Expert for women who are ready to take back control around food, feel confident and comfortable in their body and love what they see in the mirror...all 100% diet free. I'm also now a mumma, which I am LOVING!

I created Mind Over Muffin because of the incredible results I got by working on my emotions, habits and mindset instead of focusing on weight loss and food and I wanted to spread this method far and wide.

I developed a new approach, one that involves no calorie counting, no weight loss products, no excessive exercise but a way of addressing the real issues so you can over come emotional eating and fill yourself up with life instead of food! 

Mind Over Muffin is all about the long term solution. We focus on helping you create a new, positive relationship with food and your body so that this becomes a way of life for you. No more yo-yo dieting, no more losing weight to gain it all back and more but instead dealing with the real underlying reasons behind your food habits so you can transform them once and for all.


I know what it feels like to struggle for years with your weight, beating yourself up about failed diet attempt after attempt, hating the way you look in the mirror and spending your days obsessing over what you should and shouldn't eat. This was me for years. And the worst thing was I thought it was normal.

As desperate as I was to lose the weight and as strict as I was with diets, calorie counting and exercise (by strict I mean totally obsessed) I would ruin it all by eating crappy food in the hope to make myself feel better and so nothing would ever change. 

As desperate as I was to lose the weight and as strict as I was with diets, calorie counting and exercise (by strict I mean totally obsessed) I would ruin it all by eating crappy food in the hope to make myself feel better and so nothing would ever change. 

For a while food was my only moment of happiness, it seemed to make everything better and was an amazing distraction from the other 'stuff' I had going on; a bad break up, low self esteem and a whole load of emotion I hadn't actually dealt with. 

The problem was, the happiness from the food only lasted momentarily and when this passed the 'stuff' was still there, add to this a ton of guilt for eating the chocolate, cake, crisps or whatever it was that day I’d over indulged in, and you had the recipe for what felt like an inescapable mess!

After years of going round in circles and 'failing' at weight loss, I had my light bulb moment. I realised that diets were not the answer to my problem because no matter how many calories I counted, it was not addressing the reason why I was using food the way I was, as a control mechanism and comfort, which was what I really needed to deal with.

"I began working on myself instead of governing my food, obsessing over calories and exercising obsessively and the results were unbelievable."

Now I eat what I want, when I want, I listen to my body and food, well it's just food. I enjoy it when I do eat, but there's no more to it. No stress, no guilt, no anxiety, no desperation, just enjoyment and move on with the rest of my day.

I no longer wake up dreading getting out of bed because I'm so deeply upset about how I look and feel in my body. Instead I honour my body and everything it has done for me and my beautiful daughter who it grew, nurtured and continues to support every day.

Life is completely different and not because I finally succeeded with a fad diet or I hit 2 hours consistently on the treadmill every day for a year but because I got to the root of the problem. I found WHY I was using food the way I was and WHY my body was holding onto excess weight and did everything I could to heal this. It was a journey, it didn't happen over night but I got there. I learned tools that I still use today if I have moments of doubt or overwhelm and they still continue to support me.

The process I went through is what I have been teaching at Mind Over Muffin since 2015 and helping women all over the world transform their relationship with food and their bodies.

As desperate as I was to lose the weight and as strict as I was with diets, calorie counting and exercise (by strict I mean totally obsessed) I would ruin it all by eating crappy food in the hope to make myself feel better and so nothing would ever change. 





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