Clearing Your Energy Field

Hey lovely here we're getting stuck into clearing the things that you're carrying in your energy field and from up to 10 generations ago, sounds crazy I know, but this stuff is powerful!


Clear The Generations


  • Inherited From The Generations Audio
    Inherited From The Generations Audio

    Use this audio to help you heal anything you're carrying from the previous generations. (this audio has been extracted from an online call - so sound quality might be a little lower than usual) Use headphones for best sound.

The Emotion Code - Dr. Bradley Nelson.

This is an incredible process that helps you shift any emotional blocks from your energy field - it's amazing!


The Process


  • The Emotion Code Sheets
    The Emotion Code Sheets

    I've combined the 3 sheets you need here.
    #1. The Trapped Emotion Flow Chart
    #2. The Emotion Chart
    #3. The Heart Wall Flow Chart

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