Book Club

Hey lovely below you will find some reading suggestions. The images below are the books I would encourage you to read or listen to throughout the program that are relevant to what we are doing over the next 12 weeks. There is also a PDF attached with some other books that have been really influential in my life that I think you will enjoy in the future.

I love listening to audio books on audible and would highly recommend it if you haven't tried it.


Month #1

To kick us off this month I've picked 2 books that I know you'll love and will have a big impact on the way you think. Aim to read or listen to at least one, if you can make it through both that will be amazing!


Month #2

If you're getting through these faster than 2 per month then refer to the reading list document and pick some others from there.


Month #3

More Book Suggestions


    Download the reading list guide here if you want more suggestions.

Surround yourself with inspiration!