Hey lovely, on this page you'll find a series of various meditations for you to use whenever you need them. They range from between 5 -20 minutes. I know how busy life can get so I wanted you to have some quick tools on hand that are simple and easy to use and will fit into every day life.

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help us calm the mind and bring more mindfulness to our everyday life. When we're more mindful generally, we can be that way around food too.

So be sure to set aside some time each week to meditate, I would love you to aim for 3-4 times a week to begin with.

Set yourself up a specific place at home that will become your meditation space. Get a comfy cushion, chair, blanket, candle, essential oils, crystals or whatever you need around you to feel relaxed and at ease.



  • Changing Your Response To Food
    Changing Your Response To Food

    You'll find this audio in our week 3 lesson and it is designed to help you change your response to food. Use it often, multiple times per week.

  • Mindful Eating
    Mindful Eating

    Listen to this before eating, get yourself in a present, calm state so you eat slower, eat less and feel more positive.

  • Craving Buster
    Craving Buster

    This mediation will help you quickly and easily overcome those cravings or urges for food (or any other external object you're trying to use for an emotional reward)

  • Emotional Release
    Emotional Release

    Use this audio to help release any emotion that you're carrying. You can use this for any emotion, any feeling or any craving.

  • Heal The Younger You
    Heal The Younger You

    Use this audio to heal the part of you that wants to eat when she wants to emotionally eat or binge.

  • Physical VS Emotional Hunger
    Physical VS Emotional Hunger

    Helping you to access a calm relaxed state and also identify the physical hunger signs in your body vs emotional.

  • Get Set For The Day Audio - ( Morning Motivation)
    Get Set For The Day Audio - ( Morning Motivation)

    Use this audio to get set and ready for the day ahead. How you start the day effects everything, let's get in the best state possible!

  • Get Present Mini Audio
    Get Present Mini Audio

    Use this audio to stay present, connected and grounded.

  • Peaceful Sleep
    Peaceful Sleep

    This meditation is to be used when laying down in bed and you're ready to drift off into a peaceful sleep. How you end the day is just as important as how you begin. Ensuring your mind is calm before sleep will positively effect the state in which you wake up!

  • Self Love Audio- Reconditioning Love
    Self Love Audio- Reconditioning Love

    Use this audio to reconnect to the love that exists in your life and within you. This one is 7:45mins long

  • Self Love Audio - Let Love In Your Heart
    Self Love Audio - Let Love In Your Heart

    Use this 3 minute audio to help your connect to the feeling of love right in your heart.

  • Let's Get Motivated
    Let's Get Motivated

    Use this audio to get connected to your goals and where you're heading

  • 4 Minute Mirror Work
    4 Minute Mirror Work

    Use this audio to help you practice your mirror work and feel more comfortable in your body.

Longer Meditations

Here you'll find some longer meditations around the 20 minute plus mark.


  • Future Certainty
    Future Certainty

    Use this audio to connect to everything you wanting in the future already existing. Remember your thoughts create everything!

  • Break Through Your Limitations
    Break Through Your Limitations

    Use this audio to break through any limitations or blocks that are standing in your way!

  • Energy Centre Balancing
    Energy Centre Balancing

    This is a mediation to balance your energy centres and ensure that you're totally aligned for creating, receiving and being the awesome human that you are!

  • Connecting To Your Future
    Connecting To Your Future

    Use this audio to connect to your future and what you want to create.

MindFULLness Week

Below you will find the meditations from our MindFULLness week where we were using meditation to help you become more mindful around food.


  • DAY #1
    DAY #1

    Today is a wonderful intro to meditation.

  • Day #2
    Day #2

    This meditation is designed to help you let go of stress.

  • DAY #3
    DAY #3

    This meditation is designed to help you fill yourself up with the things that truly matter in life so you don't need food to fill you up anymore.

  • DAY #4
    DAY #4

    This meditation can be used to release guilt and shame that you are carrying around food and your body.

  • DAY #5
    DAY #5

    This meditation is designed to help you feel connected and present.

Only in the silence will you begin to hear.